Supply Chain Consulting

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Data Cleansing

Supply Chain Consulting Intro

The scrm-centre platform, with the use of API and cognitive technology, is an online tool that will support you in a vast range of supply chain optimisation projects.

Customised Services

Contact us to describe your project requirements, and find out how we can further support.

Datacleansing Part 01
Datacleansing Part 01

Customised Services

Contact us to describe your project requirements, and find-out how we can further support

Datacleansing Part 01


Use our self-assessment templates to identify areas of improvement within following areas: Factory Logistics, Warehousing, Transportation, Suppliers.

Added Value Services

We can further support you in data cleansing, integrate data-sources into your analytics dashboards, assess and optimise your supply chain, benchmark your supply chain, measure your company’s CO 2 footprint, support you in tenders (or RFQs) & transformational projects, and customise our platform to your needs! – Contact us to find out more.


Make faster, greener, and more accurate decisions, and achieve competitive advantage! Below are the reasons of how you will achieve it:

  • Reduce the deliverable time down to 2-3 days from 4-8 weeks, on the majority of supply chain projects.
  • Reduce by 80% the costs on external consultants or internal resources
  • Leverage the benefits of optimisation projects faster
  • Develop, standardise & automate Climate Risk Disclosure & Reporting processes.
  • Maintain internally the know-how rather than give it away to external consultants.
  • Bring your people, stakeholders, suppliers, and overall supply chain closer to the future… the autonomous supply chain.